We provide a range of services to help businesses succeed

WE provide a range of services

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Liquidation of Companies

During liquidation it is important to have the counsel and support of experienced professionals working on your behalf.  Liquidation must provide clarity to clients and their legal team as well as present findings and closing balance sheet in a manner that is acceptable by local authorities. It is critical to have a professional perform these tasks. Failing to do so can cost both time and money.

Our team of experts provide an array of services including:

  • Providing information on the regulatory and legal framework governing the voluntary liquidation of Luxembourg companies
  • Coordination with a corporate entity that may act as liquidator and/or auditor to the liquidation
  • Preparation of liquidation financial statements and final tax returns
  • Coordination of ongoing relationships with third parties in connection with the liquidation of Luxembourg companies
  • Retaining the company's files as required